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 Meetups Currently Cancelled due to COVID-19 

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Many people have reached out asking if I will be hosting virtual meetups in place of our regular monthly events. After considering many perspectives on this, I’ve decided not to do any virtual events. My main reason behind this is that there is a great deal of organization and planning behind each event, and my own personal “reward” if you will, is to be with all of you. To shake your hands, give you hugs, hear about your personal and professional projects, make connections, and meet new people. I’m an extroverted person and I absolutely thrive off the beautiful energy that is created at a physical event. Personally, I don’t get that from virtual meetings. I generally don’t attend virtual meetups, and I don’t have the desire to spend the required time and energy to organize an event that will be virtual. I’ve really struggled with my apathy towards virtual events versus my desire to educate and bring people together, and I hope you can understand my reasons for not wanting to conduct virtual events. To be honest, I don’t know when I will resume physical meetups. For right now, I know that I want you to be safe and healthy.

To continue our goal of education, I have included some educational materials provided from the Center for Disease Control regarding ways to protect yourself and others during this time. All images are taken directly from the CDC website.

Stay calm, stay supportive, and stay HEALTHY! 

Here are the CDC's recommendations for Preventing Illness:




Here are the Symptoms to Watch For:



Here is What to do if you are Sick:

You can stay up to date on what is going on here in Boulder County by visiting the Boulder County website News Page.

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About Us

The Boulder Cannabis Industry Meetup is an educational and free monthly event for individuals that are in the medical or recreational Cannabis and Hemp industries, as well as entrepreneurs, and those curious about the Hemp and Cannabis industries.


The goal of this group is to provide professionals within this rapidly growing industry the opportunity to learn something, network with each other, and discover the support and enthusiasm we can all appreciate as entrepreneurs and Cannabis specialists. We meet the last Wednesday of each month in Boulder, Colorado and feature a 20-30 minute presentation from an expert in the industry. Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm!


All the expenses for The Boulder Cannabis Industry Meetup are paid for out of pocket by Michelle Wright. She founded the event in 2014 and has continued to organize and lead monthly events with the community. If you would like to donate to help Michelle pay for costs associated with the meetup (Venue costs, dues, website hosting, video recording and editing, etc.) it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support!

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